How many times have you asked this question? Maybe it’s a little bit, maybe it’s a lotta bit. I’m not talking about when we were kids, when teachers used to ask “what do you want to do when you grow up?” All of those people were asking about jobs, careers, plans, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. I’m sure some of you out there have asked yourself once or twice, what do you really want your life to be about?

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what my goals are. I mean I’m a gamer, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a college student, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a Christian, I’m a boyfriend, a son and a brother. But every once in a great while I get this feeling sometimes of what is it all for? Anyone else get that feeling? What is all of this gonna add up to? The truth is we don’t know, cause God’s got a plan for you, and he’s molding you into whoever he wants you to be.

But that’s just not the end of the story. If you’ve been asking yourself this question, it’s because you’ve been in a little bit of a rut. You can’t seem to move forward, probably cause you don’t know where to start moving. Someone telling you God’s got it all figured out is 100% true, but that doesn’t solve your issue. The issue you and I are facing is where we feel like we need to go with our lives. God’s plan of molding you into a good person doesn’t start with you staying still with your life, or just sitting there as if nothing is happening, at least not all the time. You’re not in a melting pot where you get molded into the great man or woman that will be you one day. You gotta get there, but where do you go?

The answer might be a cliche as ever, but you gotta set a goal. You look at yourself and say, maybe you’re in a relationship, and you’re in school, but what does that mean. Maybe it means you’re preparing to be a husband one day. Life is getting you ready to be a man that provides for his wife, who puts his wife first, who cares for his wife with a strong and passionate love so that his marriage is strong and sustainable. Maybe it’s time to look a little forward and ask yourself if you wanna be the kind of man (or woman) that gets a divorce a couple years into the marriage? The kind of man (or again, woman) that feels ashamed because they can’t be there for someone they love so much?

What about your work? Are you striving to get into a career field where you can make an impact, each and every day? If so good for you! But what about the rest of us? We don’t all get the save a kids life every day, we don’t all get to change the world every day. Maybe you decide that you’re gonna take the skills you have, and you’re gonna work with them. Maybe you decide that it’s not about the money, but what you do with it. Your job isn’t what defines you, but when you take that money to help out your church, to provide for a family, to put someone else before you and give something in your life a purpose, that’s when you become who you want to be. Maybe we gotta decide it’s not about you or me, but about someone else, and we will work for them instead of ourselves.

Maybe it’s time for some of us, just like myself, to stop looking at what’s right in front of us. We’re struggling with school, with debt, with relationships, with anything. But maybe instead of focusing on this, you can let go of your struggles right in front of you and just work towards that One Day. That One Day where you have a job not because it’s what you’ve always dreamed of, and because you save the world each and every day. Look for that One Day where you go to work because you can come home to your kids after and you can ask them about their day. You can kiss your husband or wife and feel comforted. You can look towards this future you, where you weren’t so concerned about what was right in front of you, but what you want your life to be.

God isn’t asking you to figure it all out right now. He’s not saying that life can and will be exactly how you picture it when you get there, but he’s saying that he’ll give you something even better. If we just look at the future us that we want to be, and we just work each and every day to get there, then there’s so much more we could be.

Let’s do this, you and me together. Right now. I have school to get through, I have a girlfriend I’m trying to be there for, a family I’m trying to be a part of, some weight I’m trying to lose, and so much else just going on in my life here. But I’m gonna stop looking at what’s right in front of me, and start thinking of who I’m gonna be. I’m gonna be a father one day. I’m gonna be a hard worker. I’m gonna be a husband. I’m gonna be a Christian, and not just a Christian, but an active one. This is who I’m gonna be.

Who are you gonna be?