Do you ever think to yourself that maybe the reason something’s not going right is cause you’re simply not doing it right? Have you said to yourself, “Maybe I should just be crazy like Jesus.”

What the heck does that mean? Jesus wasn’t crazy, he was God. Jesus was our savior and lived and died for us. He created miracles and took away my sin and has offered me forgiveness, how dare you call him crazy!

While all of that is true, what did the disciples first think when they met Jesus? It is said in Matthew 4:19-20 that Jesus told Peter and his brother Simon that he would make them “fishers of men,” and that they left straight away. Beforehand tho, Simon had already told Peter of Jesus.

Now if you’re out there fishing, and this man comes along and tells you that he’ll make you a fisher of men, what are you going to do? Well if it’s Jesus, then yeah, I’m hoping you go and follow him. But what if it was me? What if I wasn’t asking to make you a fisher of men cause I am most certainly not Jesus, but I did the absurd. Maybe I started serving others before I served myself?

What about when Jesus washes the feet of his disciples? That was slave work back then. How could a man such as Jesus, our Lord and savior, drop to his knees and do the work of a slave. He must have been crazy!

Jesus tells his disciples the night before his death that he would like them to take the bread and the wine and for them to eat and drink them. He tells them that they are his body and his blood. Looking back on this story, yeah, what an epic moment. Jesus knows he’s going to die, and he shares himself with his disciples and gives them peace. But what if someone told you today to eat that Big Mac, and that it represents their body. To drink that Pumpkin Spice Latte, and that it represents their blood (probably because we’ve all been drinking a little too much pumpkin this or that). Would you do it? Or really, would you say “wow, this guy’s legit,” or just think he’s insane?

Maybe it’s time that we start thinking a little outside of the box. In John 14:12 he tells us that if we believe in him, we can do even greater things than he did. I mean I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I could have brought Lazarus back from the dead. That’s not to say I don’t believe, or that my faith isn’t strong, or that I have way too much sin in my life, but that’s simply because I’m not God.

Instead, let’s start looking at what you can do. If you just jump up and say I’m gonna raise people from the dead because I believe in God, than you really will be crazy. Instead you can just be a little unorthodox. What if we stopped and gave our friends a little reminder here and there that we love them. That may not be cool. It may not be your thing. It might be a little crazy for you, but maybe that’s what Jesus wants.

Maybe instead of trying to change the world, you try changing yourself. That’s crazy. Maybe you clicked on a video game video to hear some guy talk about Jesus. That’s crazy. Maybe it’s time we gave up the thing we love more than anything for someone you’ve never even met. That’s crazy.

Maybe it’s time we try and be crazy, just like Jesus was.