Today I’m starting this brand new blog, and I think the biggest thing to be addressed is the simple question of who am I?

Well as the tagline says, the simple summary is a Christian, Gamer, and Nerd. What does that mean? Well that means on this blog you’re going to get a variety of posts and videos that will fall into these few categories.

The first category is the Christian posts you’ll be seeing me make. Some of these will be talking directly about the Bible, while other things may be things going on in my life and how they relate to the Bible. I might post about advice or life experiences, or I may just throw in a random verse here and there that I think fits perfectly into the post. I have a goal, in which when people describe me, I would like one of the first words they use is “Christian.”

The following category will probably get the most attention on this blog because I am a die-hard gamer. I love video games. I put a lot of money and time into gaming, and I consider it (outside of Christianity of course) to be my one true passion. This category will take a lot of time because of editing and uploading and that whole ordeal, but I am very excited to start making gaming videos again. Also, don’t expect this to become “Marble’s gaming ministry” or something along those lines because that is not my intention. I might talk about God in a gaming video, but I have no intention of making this blog a “Gamer’s ministry.”

The final category is the most blog-like in which I simply want to post about things going on in my life. Whether they’re vacations, experiences I’ve had that I feel I should share, or even if it’s something intriguing on the radio that I wanna talk about. This is where I hope a lot of you see my personality and simply what’s on my mind.

Overall I’m very excited to start this blog, and I intend to keep this going as strong as possible. I will not put this blog before my college work, girlfriend, church, etc. but I do find it important and I will stay with it.

Check back for many posts to come!